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My Approach

My background includes extensive academic and practical training within the fields of psychology, social services, and education.

My therapeutic style follows an integrative relational, psychodynamic, and cognitive-behavior philosophy, because it embodies what I value most important.  That is, first and foremost, building a trusting relationship and bond with my patients.  Doing so, it allows both the patient and I to work as a team and uncover unconscious motivations, problematic emotions that may relate to past/present life experience. 


I then integrate appropriate therapeutic interventions such as guided mindfulness sessions, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, psycho-education, cognitive behavioral therapy, laughter therapy, music therapy, and holistic therapy focusing on the person as a whole. 


Aside from traditional face to face therapy (where  I split my time between Chicago, and Aguascalientes, Mexico) my practice focuses on the use of  teletherapy which has flexibility via online/mobile telecommunication. These may include phone calls, online therapy (via the integrated confidential chat found on this website) or other preferred communication apps that may be a perfect fit for you.

Being a multi-cultural/multi-racial woman with high relatability to persons of all socio-economic/ethnic backgrounds, I have accumulated a personal familiarity that may allow me to engage with you more intimate level. 


Guided by the values instilled in me of truth and compassion, we can work together to understand your needs and bring you the peace that you deserve.

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